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ugly god – i’m tryna fuck* كلمات اغاني


thanks ugly god!

when i’m in the bus, i sit in the back
when i’m tryna f-ck she gon’ give me back
n-gg-s said i fell off well b-tch i’m back
spent a couple racks, b-tch i make it back

[verse 1]
cause i just got rich on these n-gg-s
i blew up and dipped on these n-gg-s
i’m balling and whipped on these n-gg-s
cause i’m really sick of these n-gg-s
shoutout lil boat cause i wanna get on a lil boat and then drift on these n-gg-s
they stealing my wave, with this water sh-t, i was the first one to drip on these n-gg-s
(?), ima empty the clip on these n-gg-s