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terrell morris – toi كلمات اغاني



verse 1
hotter than bond, cooler than bullitt
lost in the sauce, too in the moment
no one understands but his woman
so no one knows his plans at the moment
losing focus ain’t a plan, it’s a omen
so put your hands on the scr-t-m and take control of the moment
i’m tryna stand like a totem and make em dance like i own em
hang with the girl of my chosen
she leave her pants in the coat room
cause she don’t need em we f-ckin
she told her man she told her man she went bowlin
she told her girlies i’m the prophet – i’m just tryna live up to the hype
not be just another n-gg- who deliver in a slight way
if they don’t know what i’m doin i’m doin it the right way
put you in a mood to make a move to a nice place
i’m out, move 1 up
do not p-ss go, go directly to sun up
rise like horizon, lord bless me wit some of
those bittersweet minutes they describe in the movies
coolin wit a cutie spendin loose leaf
boolin wit a butie bicken back b-mpin yg
but i won’t spend a loonie on a side piece
but i spend a couple hunnid toonie’ if it’s my piece
i spend thousands for my piece

i just wanna dance
and sing
and get lost in the thick of it
get lost in the thick of it
lost in the thick

verse 2
i like my women like i like my coffee
medium body and
hotter than wasabi and
call her from the uber and she meet me in the lobby, promptly
not in 30 mins wit a sob piece
dance…and sing
yeah, until tomorrow, not tomorrow girl
put your “f-ck me” dress on and finish that sapporo girl
finish all yo death sticks
pop in all yo breath mints
oops that’s not a breath mint
you up on the best sh-t
you in time will get lit
super rhymin, westend
suicidal fresh ‘til he death kid
you and i will definitely bless this floor
hustle, work a muscle baby sing it wit me
you gon have to break a sweat if you gon get it wit me
i’d be happy wit your friend but you go better wit me
you gon have to let me in girl you would feel it wit me

hook (x2)