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tenacious d – sasquatch كلمات اغاني


there were some scientists
tryin’ to figure out the sasquatch riddle
then they figured out it was a missing link

in search of sasquatch – that was a kick -ss in search of.
with leonard nimoy kicking out the jams

he captured imaginations of people all around the globe
his name was sasquatch so i am told

his legend’s ancient in the ancient scribe
of the indian tribe (apache tribe)

scientists have proven that the sasquatch he is real
take a look at the plaster cast of his foot now you know he’s real
listen real close to the audio tape not human now you know he’s real
couldn’t be a man in gorilla suit no f-ckin’ way now you know he’s real
real real real-real real real really-real real

don’t take this personally, cause it’s not about your playing
no dude, your drumming is kick–ss.
it’s just that the d it’s always just been me and kg
and we’re just not comfortable being a power trio.
i hope there’s no hard feelings

sasquatch (sasquatch)
we know your legend’s real
sasquatch (sasquatch)
we know your love is real
sasq-oh-uh-eww-ahh-atch (sasquatch)

you and tenacious d… are… reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal

tell tenacious d they were kick–ss
and who should i tell them said that
tell them it was sasqua- tell them it was a friend.


you know what… you better tell them it was sasquatch.
they won’t know what friend you’re talking about.
ok, sure.
see ya.