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tell the people i stay – dancing plague of 1518 كلمات اغاني


begging for some rest from this god-awful dance
exhaustion stealing my breath
cracking bones, burning wounds

never halting madness, strasbourg’s east and west possessed

merciless artform guiding to a fate
of bodies crumbling to pain
moving corpses, never-stopping agony in deceit,
shaking to a deaf beat – cavort in st. vitus’ name

lost in debilitation
feebleness working on a combination
swinging and bop, two-step and hop
caught on a slaving dance of plain suffering

tossed in exasperation
torture pretending it’s pure celebration
twisting and waltz, boogie and moonwalk
caught on a slaving dance of plain suffering jubilee

dancing even when my legs can’t hold my body yet the party is on
dancing even when the pain is gone, so long