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tylerbreezy – humble كلمات اغاني


watch how it go lil n_gga am the plug
you dont like me unfollow
god to these n_ggas
blood on you k!llers
give me ma cash or i take all you n_ggas
i dont gat money but alot i could say
call me avenger am the saviour of the day
filla ma shoes yeah gucci’d ma neck
captain america so u know i dont play
me and my girl so we out on date
look your goals ain’t nothin important
look at they faces they all full of lotion
am humble as h_ll b_tch im humble as h_ll
ma momma can tell that i wouldn’t be sh_t
your songs are straight wack am nat feeling they sh_t
when i come right up this sh_t sound official
my n_ggas dont miss you
gon give you the tissue
you may cry us the river
dont do no complaining
we all full of winning
gon build me a mansion
so give me a reason u thought i would fail
i hate u mof_cker to me you are dead
i was so hurt but i swear i couldn’t tell
the difference tween me and the rest of this feds
came to the game why this n_ggas so scared
ice on my neck and they dancing like breezy
ice on your neck and its really nat shining
f_ck what you think man this sh_t is nat funny
addicted to something i cannot avoid
inspired by these n_ggas i really adore
shout out 6ix9ine man that n_gga make noise
shout out chris brown man that n_gga a lord
you ain’t gat eyes if you can’t see ma talent …..b_tch
you either with me or against me n_gga
i gat the whole gang f_cking with my music n_gga
you gat that lame gang ducking from my k!llers n_gga
i gat the sauce and you know i gat that sauce n_gga
this chain so bright bright like ma future n_gga
gang gang gang i swear its on my bloodline
watch them news man ma n_ggas on the headlines
dont cross this line n_gga dont cross this line

hold on for a second hold on hold on for a second now
tags on me and am moving like the president
it ain’t a fight but yall will loose your counsiousness
went to school i studied hard i didn’t pass that chemistry
life was hard i prayed to god but still i coudnt pass that math
time was fast didn’t have a choice i had to take this rapping path