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tyga – heisman كلمات اغاني


(feat. honey cocaine)

[honey cocaine]
b-tch i’m honey cocaine bout to bring in some pain
all my haters like a choir they all singing my name
ain’t got a heart for a broad that’s the rule of the game
now you a fool if you aim, i’ll put a tool to ya brain
i’m bout to get it, then spend it if i said it i meant it
f-ck your feelings, taste my weapons act like a b-tch i’ll erase yo blessings yo
you are not familiar with me if you comic in a move b-tch your visitor is me

ahh, its that drop top phantom chop all gold rolly tock
f-ck yo fans, f-ck a cop all my b-tches betty bops
betty boop t-ttys out gangsta sh-t punch you in yo mouth
n-gg- i don’t know what you talkin bout
flossin now you need denist now auugh
f-ck around and rodney king the beat ’bout that war like vietnemese
feeling froggy n-gg- leap, i’m that n-gg-, you obselete
i’m in the game you know p-t, r-e-c my swa-a-g
only way you copying me n-gg-

[honey cocaine]
asian b-tch on another degree
give me some sp-ce move off my place b-tch i’m just trynna breathe
now if you see me around your ways don’t holla at me
i just cant waste all my time cause i be eating these beats
listen you rats here just a count for me you ain’t me homie you just act like me
well you should watch your actions please cause there might be some casualties (auugh)
they about to witness it, last kings but i’m still on my queen sh-t (schwag)

aim at yo man brain just for saying i’m insane and yo girl give me neck
hang man i ain’t playing i never did lie lay around and open yo thighs
n-gg- gone pop like fish gone fry, n-gg-s talking greasy like the sh-t gone slide
wow high 5 slap yo face, change yo disguise
i work hard for the money, money don’t ever come in yo life
a b-st-rd right when you lie everybody wanna be just like
middle finger to the middle of yo eyes, young young ty t-raww need a heisman

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