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tyfune - echoes of the past lyrics


basking in the light of a tranquil morning
nothing like the sight of a clear blue sky
taking in the moment, making memories

oh, these tender feelings come to haunt me
can’t forget the past, but can’t move on
drowning my emotions in a blissful melody

(yo wassup guys)
i wake up (wake up) to the sounds of birds chirping
as they sing (they sing) the song of a blissful melody
they remind me (remind me) of the times we used to have
when we laughed and frol!cked in the fields

i see the storm approaching
it’s comin’ directly to me
as the winds increase their speed
i brace to hear the remnants of the past
echoing in the distance
i can hear them tell me i’ll never be that sweet little guy again…
it’s a sad, sad feeling
it seems like i lost my touch on reality
i wish i was dreaming
but these echoes are getting louder
i need a way to break free!!!
but i have to move on…

i’ll make the moment last
drown out these echoes of the past
i’m movin’ on, movin’ on
shoot for the stars
and look beyond these echoes of the past

echoes of the past

and that’s a wrap!
i will talk to you guys later
alright, cya

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