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trenchbabyeli – wet hands كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
ever since a young kid
i done been with dumb sh_t
i’on even wanna f_ck her
i just get it sucked quick
n_gga talking ’bout them bands, hoe
you ain’t got no money
b_tch, i be in the trap with gang
got it hoppin’ like bunny
say we trash, you stupid
say f_ck love, f_ck cupid
hop on the beat and freestyle
they love how i do it
they like how i’m moving
got these hoes choosing
i ain’t tryna go out sad
that’s why i keep ‘tooly
lil’ girl, i know yo’ man, he be broke
if you want a chance, then you can come over…

[verse 2]
n_gga talk sh_t, but i’ma leave him froze
all these bullets out this xd leave him choked
wе spin his block like donut
we ain’t leaving no rеmorse
they say that i’m going up
tell me something i’on know
they say they want more music
well f_ck it, give ’em more
well f_ck it, let it blow
fah fah fah, up the sco’

who the f_ck is eli?

who’s eli?