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toyalove, reece lache & childlike cici – stay low (remix) كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: wande]
naija girl that’s overseas
super sweet but i’ll e_n_d
any lil demon tryna interfere
this the lord’s child better dnd
lord, protect me no ppe
spit through the wire, need an ent
got winning genes, no l.l.bean
so when god touch it, that’s tnt
flooring em
go get the matt
i’m flipping to 6
i’m talking the matt
selling the pride
i’m peeping trap
narrow the road
i ain’t turning back
focused on god i got that laser
i got ‘em shocked flow on taser
redeemed a villain, no shego
was tripping bye to my ego, go?

if we mobbin’, let me know
spirit speak, tell us where to go
from the south side to the north
bring the heat, we ain’t dunkin’ smoke
you gon’ have to stay low
stay low
stay low
stay low
don’t get too high
[verse 2: toyalove]
holy spirit in the room, that’s that k.o
dripping in the blood, sin hasta luego
see they taking shots, but i never let that bother me
judas switched on jesus
so i guess i’m in good company
uh, okay, been a threat
let god call the plays like he belichick
crosses over checks, yeah, that’s been a flex
got still working on me, he ain’t finished yet
i might go vegeta, my bible a heater
i’m living lavita, i running for jesus
i follow the leader, they aiming at heads
they counted me out, they wanted me dead
never retreat, give me six feet
protect fully, squad way too deep

[verse 3: reece lache’]
master, please don’t get me gassed up
told them i was next
they thought i was gettin’ passed up
let go of that depression
told them miss me with that sad stuff
i had told the reverend
garnet dipped me in that bathtub
mm, and we mobbin’ on him
told them i was really bout that action
i ain’t never scared
keep a bible in the mattress
told them if they want it
they could get it if you askin’
mm, i’m in love with it
do it with a passion
i’m a problem, okay?
i just talked to god, he say, “do it, do it, do it, do it”
i just kick my feet up while i praise him in advance
you don’t want no problem, you don’t really wanna dance
stay gon’ have to stay low, stay low
stay low
stay low
don’t get too high
stay low
stay low
stay low
stay low
don’t get too high

[verse 4: childlike cici]
real big blessings around me
use to be bound, now i got boundaries
enemy wanted me dead, put a price on my head like a bounty
he thought it was sweet like a brownie but god found me
now his head on a swivel, folks let me down
i ain’t let up a little, thought i would stop?
now they confused like they solving a riddle
they said it was impossible
god said he knocking down the obstacles
walk by faith, not the optical, with jesus anything is possible
they say that pressure make diamonds
i’m still refining, attacking the beat like a lineman
seeking him first was my only assignment
god got my back like he hitting the heimlich
that’s why i’m stepping on serpents
god said “get in there, get in there, get in there, yes, i got you”
really was chosen, i’m with the god of moses
the great i am said i’m heaven_sent
earth just my temporary home, i’m a resident
pushing the cure, not the pestilence
the fruit the evidence
stay low
stay low
stay low
stay low
don’t get too high
stay low
stay low
stay low
stay low

[verse 5: jackie hill perry]
when we look up and see jesus
it’s like we steven
it’s like the thrilla in manila
when we get to preachin’
it’s michael jackson, legions beat it
and beat it, beat it
if billie jean ain’t your lover
why you touch her and ain’t cuff her?
yeah, police her, it’s a reason
these wannabes wanna be gods
wanna be on the tree
wanna be stars, even those fall, though
we a lost people, man, i keep seein’ waldo
circumcision of the spirit
scissors for this paul flow
i’m cuttin’ up, joe we did it, b_ttin’ up
if it’s business, i’m minding mine
you mighty blind
you don’t get the vision abide the vine
don’t buy the wine
if you get too tipsy
i’m better fed with better bread
if you get it, give it

if we mobbin’, let me know
spirit speak, tell us where to go
from the southside to the north
bring the heat, we ain’t ducking smoke
you gon’ have to stay low

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