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tourdeforce – dresden كلمات اغاني


do you believe you’ll leave in peace
while hatred softly wears you out
how did it feel to say “this is home”
beholding flaming ruins
dresden, did you forget what they did?
dresden, do you remember?
there is an island of desolation
in the very heart of europe
they show you a reconstruction
but i still see it burnt to ashes
the prophet says one day you’ll awake
you’ll open your eyes, and free your mind
we live a vulgar brief time linе
but still we believе we can make a change
can you portray half a million innocents
melting human flesh
when destruction descends from the sky
in a single column of flame
the victor won’t be asked afterwards
whether he told the truth or not
royal air force of holla cost
got a medal for the mass murder