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toosii – snooze كلمات اغاني


yo ex told me like “n_gga you ain’t sh_t, and you so overrated”
i know you f_ckin’ with b_tches right now n_gga, and god d_mn, i hate it
cry me a river, i could go buy me a river right now
’cause you know, i’m havin’ my way
i went to texas without you, i had a turkey black heart
i met a houston girl there, and god d_mn it, we f_cked
she keep tellin’ me, that she in love with me, and that she f_cked me, and now she stuck wit’ me
and now she just can’t get enough of me, ohhh
so tell me how i’m ‘posed to feel when yo’ lovin’ ain’t real
you put me out insidе my feelings, and whole time for you, i’d k!ll
i’d touch that fire for you
you know i’d diе for you
tell me what’s real, tell me what’s fake, never seen inside of you
how could i lose?
i put my cell phone on snooze
i know it’s like you to try to call me and try to make up
know you hate every time we break up
i’m so tired of all of this fake stuff
i wish i could get over you
i put my cell phone on snooze
got inside of the drop_top, got two glocks on me
young n_gga ain’t got no gun, i should’ve popped on him
you ain’t tell me i’m wrong for movin’ on, at least i’m not lonely
i gotta own through that, i know that’s what you wanna see
my new b_tch got a b_tt now
i ain’t even have to get her ass shots, it recoil when i give her back shots whenever we f_ck now
and she like to go up, down
you never did that, you was lazy, baby, somehow, when you had it your way
you speak on me like i’m just n0body
like i ain’t fall in love when you was a hoe prolly’, d_mn
tell you “do you” ’cause it’s yo’ own body
still liked you more when you was a homebody