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tonton raymond – monster verse challenge كلمات اغاني


where the monsters at?
beneath the surface in the depths is where you find me at
i am known by many names
some girls, quiver bringer
the omen of great verses, call me the harbinger
so when i come through to the villa, it’s a massacre
my pen is a fortress, in my hand i’m wielding alcatraz
i switch to complete the circuit
concurrently bringing power
flow so cold: lyrics no dey sour
shawty we should get to meet
and yeah i’m into meat
whether it’s about what i eat or what i eat
you should know i bring the magic (yeah)
she says she my top fan like she hangs from the ceiling in my attic
still spitting fire like a blow torch
these n_ggas get snapped like twigs and scared to branch off
get exhausted when i blow steam off
to end this verse imma revv like a porsche