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to live and shave in l.a. – ideas make men hard كلمات اغاني


the body which sits oppressed with speech
to what is this transformation due?
darling will be victim, beggar, tyrant
at one swoop battles snakes and dogs
she will shoot wide of the f_cker’s mark
pay the honors of the name
as a hood and a son of indifferent hood
(“dead_on” not among death rodent’s rose…)
freed himself from conjuration
he is the seedy_looking wretch
the symbolist trash, in fact a s_x act
split to make a thin profit
must be strong enough to allow
neither far nor pearl to mouth:
“you are the little train!”
read in mask and tragic garb
deep in canopied and curtained bed
ideas makе men hard…

the body which reproducеd a dozen times
the mob and monarch of the slum
darling will be hidden in the sight
of gall, bile, lovely scorn…