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tjxxy – fall كلمات اغاني


i been in my zone
i’ve been gone for a minute
i just had to grow
had me all in my feelings
she don’t even know
we ain’t spoke in a minute
but whichever way it goes
bet she know ima hit it
i gave you my soul and the whole that came with it
had a lot to hold if it’s broke i ain’t fixing
switch lanes
had to put you in the past now
too many woman that can keep me from the cash
now i’m building on my empire
for my family i’m the cash cow
you can’t throw no shade ‘sace on me
card in black now
160 on the dash now
whipping in sa rolling up another pack now
if you wanna smoke then i got a blunt (yeah i got a ton)
babe this ain’t a store
ain’t no need to front
many hoes to choose i don’t even want thеm
told you baby all them threes and twos and
baby you’re the onе
for real baby

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