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tiacorine – kite كلمات اغاني


d_mn tragic made that

so whats the hype for
these b_tches is a’ight though
that p_ssy crazy, he thought i was psycho
i drive him brazy, like car that came with nitro
said i got a tight hole
he f_ck me with his eyes closed
i told him suck it though
like that nga needed lipo
cause you got a [?]
glasses on my face
cause i told her “it’s on sight, ho”
f_ck up out my face
it ain’t safe, b_tch, you can die slow
we can kick it at my place, shawty this ain’t [?]
i didn’t mean that sh_t, stupid b_tch that was a typo
b_tch i’m high as h_ll, what the f_ck i need a kite for
no, b_tch don’t come this way cause what the f_ck you tryna die for
[verse 1]


[verse 2]