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therealevk – never had كلمات اغاني


verse 1

i took a leap into the dark side
took a long nap
i just awaken in the dark side
need a long nap
took a power walk to heaven
i can see mistakes i’ve made
and every time i try to pray
i feel my faith fading away
they say all is fair in love and war
i’m battling myself
because i need to live better
i do this for my wealth
i’m rapping to make a living
they rapping because it’s different
they looking after some riches
i’m looking after attention
i’m considered everybody’s favorite
you made it but ain’t half as famous
as what they thinking
i ain’t took it to another level i done met the devil
he ain’t have nothing to say but
i ain’t have nothing to tell him
i’m just trynna make a way out of nothing
but dirt and shovels
i’m just chilling with the snake and a rebel
ain’t nothing special
i’m just looking at this hour gl-ss
hoping it don’t drain out
writing all my thoughts down
hoping they don’t play it out


i’m just trynna live like i never had
i’m just trynna live like i never had
i’m just trynna thrive
i’m just trynna vibe
i’m just trynna vibe
with my n-gg-s

verse 2

it took a while before i flowed right
my flow right now
got a new whip i ain’t ashamed of going out now
i got people that look up and down to me
it’s funny because i’m where most of these n-gg-s wanna be
it takes a man to raise a child
i ain’t seen my father yet
and when he did decide to call
the promises he never kept
all my life i had a dream
and my dream was never big
all i wanted was a million
just to prove how much i did
i done prayed a million times
god can you hear me
or jesus mother mary
seems like n-body believes me
when i say that when i pray
i mean i know that someone hears me
but the devil love is stronger
then a moment in decency
and i can feel the changes
it’s so strange
but the moment that i pray for something
it goes away
everyone says it’s a sign
that god is trynna tell me something
but i ain’t heard nothing
forget it lets change the subject
we can talk about long nights
it’s alright
it ain’t always all good
but it’s never all right
trynna look into the left
hope i make the turn right
they say keep your head high
roll a blunt roll it tight
keep a burner in your pocket
keep a 20 in your wallet
keep a bible on your dresser
these evil spirits are talking
they like who you trynna vibe with
i ain’t never had nothing
i’m just trynna grab something
i’m just trynna live