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thekidmacar – realbb كلمات اغاني


d_mn i keep on holding it down for my youngins

them n_ggas be shooting my brothers ain’t running

imma keep on spending this money ain’t nothing

i’m a diamond lih baby whatever gon happen i’m shining

(keep shining)

whatever gon happen i’m stutin

whatever gon happen i’m taxin

i’m taxin big ass crib got a mansion

my momma done told me keep pushing

i’m a diamond lih baby go hard under pressure baby

shot up the kid now he’s momma she facing depression

raised in the hills i’m a rich kid i’m steady flexing
raised in the hills we grew up racing cars

that we stole

from our rents

rich kids we ain’t paying no rent

this codeine in my cup costs your rent

n_ggas tweaking they geekеd up on fent

n_ggas do anything for some neck

n_gga shut up you ain’t touching my nеck

zara k!ll u if u touching my neck

phathu k!ll u if you running for pres

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