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thecapitalofnewhampshire – a conversation piece / christmas كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: alex & jame]
alright, you know it’s a wild thing man, this capital of new hampshire, heard it’s coming out 1104

yeah the capital of new hampshire i heard its gonna be the hottest album of 2011

yeah, 2011 too, huh

yeah big year.. big year for america

10 year anniversary of 9/11 so.. that’s something
didn’t that already happen?

te_ten years ago yeah, yeah

this is gonna be this biggest thing of 2011 though

yeah, honestly, and i think it’s a lotta people who_ they’re just sleeping on it. they don’t really know what’s going on here they don’t really know that this is a_a_a passion filled project

and we’ve got some world renowned artists on this. we’ve got josephe milroy.. we got blake hall, everybody knows blake hall, cutest boy at wghs. i love ‘im. really, i’m excited because i think this is a little passion project. like we railed the f_ck outta those tracks, y’know we blew our load, and now they’re starting to grow in the womb

does it go much further than that?

and know 1104, that sh_t’s gonna be poppin out, we’re in labor right now. the album’s in labor right now. y’know it’s like turtle headin’, but it’s a baby head


this sh_t_ it’s boutta go crazy

yeah i think we oughta switch it up a lil bit. i think we oughta switch it up a bit

[bridge: ted taylor (sampled)]
just remember what happens on earth stays on earth!
we gon’ put it in reverse

[verse 2: jame & alex (ad_libs)]
his diddles are gonna get skittled, that’s all i gotta say, man
woah, woah! that’s bars. hold up
his diddles boutta get, skittled (skittled)

i be middled
you know, in the bathroom i take a lil shiddle (okay)
you know, i play the fiddle
you know, i can’t be beatle

woah woah

nah, f_ck the beatles though, f_ck the beatles, they can’t compare (hold on, hold on, yeah)

[verse 3: alex]
f_ck the beatles
if it ain’t weezer, i ain’t listenin’
so, listen in to this christmas sh_t
that’s aboutta come in
oh wait, spoilers, i didn’t mean it like that, but
i’m just tryna let you know_ wait a minute
you hear that sh_t?

[bridge: alex & jame]
some christmas sh_t comin’ in? (woah)
hol’ on, y’all hear that? (y’all hear that?)
y’all hear that?
[chorus: alex, jame, jamespatvick]
we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
new year!!

have yourself a merry little christmas
uhh.. what to they even say?

i don’t know

something about christmas

merry christmas (merry christmas, merry christmas)

[bridge 2: alex]
aye, hold on, y’all mind if i have a little heart_to_heart with the listener real quick?
alright, thank you very much
uh_ hold on, where’s my jingle bells at?
thank you, thank you, thank you

[verse 4: alex]
first and foremost, let’s get this outta’ the way, okay? f_ck you fake posin’ ass dudes, alright. you know who you are, you don’t know sh_t about the music game, this is the capital of new hampshire, okay, we aren’t even trying. we aren’t even trying. this is_ this is us at like 10%, okay?

so listen, i’m ready to completely unload, i do not_ i do not give a d_mn
so uh, here goes nothing; to everybody here who thi_

[verse 5: unknown]
_does this guy think he is, dude
this guy doesn’t know sh_t about music, what the f_ck
like, who the h_ll did you think you are?
talkin’ about how ‘capital of new hampshire ain’t nothin’, c’mon man
this album sucks d_ck!

[outro: joseph milroy]
next time you hear from me will not be in any capacity you are familiar with