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the – dream – hater كلمات اغاني


if a was your man, i
hit that sh-t like a-rod
don’t you understand i, i
trying to be ur favorite artist in ur ipod
i know this wasn’t planned i
what i got is love
what he got nothing
take this chance
he ain’t nuthin’ to lose
so why you lookin all confused

girls like you
turn men like me into haters
and i must admit it
been actin like a hater
tryin to get it
you got me lookin like a hater
soon as she said she had a man
i was a hater
as long as i get you
i’ll be a hater
until you say you love me too
i’ll be a hater
he don’t even know
i’m his hater
how did one look at you overtake the kind heart in me

say you’ll leave your man so i
can hit that sh-t like a parked car
money aint a thang i
get it all with a swipe of the black card
pretty woman get up in this bentley now
you be my julia i’ll be ur richard
can’t wait to pin ur frame on my wall
i need u in my picture
do anything to get u


f-ck that n-gg-
you know what it is
dope bentley coupes gucci boots
cris craft yachts boats
100,000 thousand dollars here
100,000 thousand dollars there
20 million dollars later
yep dream everywhere
f-ck that n-gg-
leave that n-gg-
first cl-ss let’s play
doing deals on foreign islands
me, diddy, la,jay
i wanted what he already had
this girl so muthf-ckin bad
i wanted what he already had
this girl so muthf-ckin bad