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the ugly red eyes – the devil, pt. 1 كلمات اغاني


packed my bags and burned my suitcase
hoping that makes me stay home
stumbled in and donned my cool face
and picked the road most travelled on

well, the truck drivers at the station had seven heads
and the people on the sidewalk had ten h_rns
and there’s lots of people i once knew who don’t care if i’m dead
but that doesn’t make them the devil
’cause none of them arе the devil
if anything i’m the dеvil
and all the neighbors, they got f_cked
the neighbor’s girlfriend threw a fit
the neighbor’s girlfriend was a b_tch
must be the season of the witch

well, there’s lots of reasons i would want to leave all this behind
but the only one who feels let down is me
and the people that i once conversed with were so very kind
so it just sounds like i’m the devil
i don’t think i’m the devil
’cause n0body is the devil