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the trails church – jesus, fount of joy eternal كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
jesus fount of joy eternal
spring of endless love divine
deepest well once poured out for us
filling empty hearts with life
come rejoice be glad forever
come rejoice again in christ
jesus fount of joy eternal
precious savior our delight

[verse 2]
long we drank from shallow waters
filled but never satisfied
till when calvary’s flood broke open
mercy flowed in full supply
oh what heights of truest pleasure
oh what depths of sacrifice
jesus fount of joy eternal
by his blood we’re washed as white

[verse 3]
just beyond these restless waters
there’s a land where peace will reign
sin and sadness there are swallowed
in a sea of sovereign grace
on those shores we’ll sing forever
planted by the streams of life
jesus fount of joy eternal
heaven’s treasure our delight

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