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the tabernacle choir at temple square – adam-ondi-ahman كلمات اغاني


this earth was once a garden place
with all her glories common
and men did live a holy race
and worship jesus face to face
in adam_ondi_ahman

we read that enoch walked with god
above the pow’r of mammon
while zion spread herself abroad
and saints and angels sang aloud
in adam_ondi_ahman

her land was good and greatly blest
beyond all israel’s canaan;
her fame was known from east to west
her peace was great, and pure the rest
of adam_ondi_ahman

hosanna to such days to come
the savior’s second coming
when all thе earth in glorious bloom
affords the saints a holy home
likе adam_ondi_ahman

كلمات أغنية عشوائية

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع