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the internet – gurl كلمات اغاني


(feat. pyramid vritra)

[verse 1: matt maritans]
open the door
i look you in your face, realize i don’t love you no more
you ask me why
reoccurring thoughts of him are there
you’ll never understand
you asked to be put on this level and i ignored you
and now i see
what life is like without you there
so the bong is where i stare

[hook x2: syd tha kyd]
girl. you know i love you, girl. you know i care

[verse 2: syd tha kyd]
frank clouds
seem to like to follow me around since i lost you
ask me how
i could leave with something so small and unsure like i didn’t love you anymore
but you
pushed me to a level of insanity, i know
now, all i ask
is if i ever had a chance
or were we never gonna last

[hook x2]

[verse 3: pyramid vritra]
texting me “i love you” as you were getting digged down by and old flame
at least you asked first when you preferred to win home games
f-ck it i’ll let her smile, like everything that you do
for everything thing that you do, and it’s a girl will in school
but as the moonlight crept in to her vacant room
she she’s in the coup
her naked, breaking curfew, nuts, and zippers too
see, ocean blue right after the hundredth argument
dipped just as quick as you read
quit the new beau and my crush hates me now
i’m 50 states away so ask me about your day
if you listen to the alb-m i sent you
you shouldn’t expect an answer
and it’s
sh-t, i’ll find some new b-tches i think that you can turn
by any chance, as it stands, that you still want me
i’ll be in the same state you left me in
or maybe i’ll be with a bad b-tch and i will check you
and tell you that you’re nothing special
but you are
but i probably won’t

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