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the game – rough كلمات اغاني


(feat. yelawolf)

[verse 1 – game]
what do you do when life gets too hard for you
shed tears or is that to hard for you
i’m just a man, reflection of my family
meaning you ain’t gotta have one to understand me
i got kids, i got friends
only difference between me and you is i don’t care bout this benz
i care about will he was dying and he needed me
i care about the grammy they gave missy they cheated me
but they cheated drake, they cheated justin bieber
guess america don’t like canada we some f-ckin heathens
game can’t watch his mouth that’s why his daddy beat him
same mouth made him millions and now his daddy need him
finally got a black president look at how they treat him
kids starvin in africa why only oprah feed them?
what happened to the music that i know
i miss it, u2 i guess we feel like bono

[verse 2 – game]
the living, the dead
these dre beats, my head
my life, featuring wayne
that was jayceon, this is game
adjacent to the fame ain’t chasing a d-mn thing
so tonight let all of your pain be champagne
i cant tame my killers but i can tell them chill
i might give you a p-ss depending how i feel
the bi polar bear
they said the end of the world is comin i know it’s here
cuz california cold this year
detox, r.e.d
mc’s dead
kill them softly like lauren hill
skin heads goin k-k-krazy cuz a n-gg- in a foreign wheel
we all born to die, some of us born to kill
if that don’t wake you up i hope tomorrow morning will

[verse 3 – yelawolf]
never i thought i’d see the day when i, would roll up in the parking lot
and having people comin up to me for a photograph of the sh-t i talk about
yela can i get an autograph alabama so proud that we just can’t wait
congrats on the shady deal, any news on the release date?
i told them what i can, shake another hand sign another autograph it’s cool
got fans gettin inked up, they de-cater to me i love you too
got 3000 too, the spirit of rock and roll
long barrell .38 loaded i’m john wayne in geronimo
so i don’t really know whats got some these p-ss-es panties in a ball
cuz i never done sh-t but get better and believin’ in god
and leavin’ my mom at 15 with a dream and a cross
a cross that i didn’t see until i was nailed to it for believin’ at all
that i could ever be accepted the way i saw it
i mean i knew it would be hard but really come on yall
oh i’m a redneck? f-ck you tatted on my neck
i’ll sip high life in a can at the grammys now add that to my rep

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