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the color bars – affine transformation كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
i’m nothing more than a molecular dance floor
i’m a canvas of cubist lines
demagnification, affine transformation
a pretty pattern in your design

[verse 2]
styrofoam for muscle, common objects for organs
unfolding thoughts that decompose
outward radiation, total dissipation
i gently tumble in your undertow
our love is young, our love is old
from tin pond reeds to tall oak trees
our love is light and shadow

[verse 3]
rhythmic detail, asymmetric proportions
graphically too even_toned
bits of information used for decoration
a work of art made of sticks and stones

our love is high, our love is low
from saw_toothed peaks to fragile reefs
our love is light and shadow

[verse 4]
basic integration, infinite summation
corners bending in a perfect arc