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the big english – dive in the deep كلمات اغاني


if you never have a problem then you’ll never have anything
meaningful to say about the human condition
or the life that we’re given
or the system that we live in
the system that inhibits and gives us premonitions

we hack it and inhabit, and it happens to be habit
that we live in a society where problems are like rabbits
and they multiply themselves at given opportunities
if you’ve nevеr had one, then you’ll nevеr break through you see

the key to being relatable is being the majority
but the reality is that we’re all in the minority
i’ll take the time to recount a story
how you interpret it is up to you

take a boy, any boy will do
but for argument’s sake, let’s take me
give him gifts galore
like height and smarts and empathy

and have him reach out into the world
and fill his heart because it’s empty
give him passion like romantics of old
and let him bestow it all upon she
and let her back away sharpish
too hard, too fast, be softer, gently
and let him try again this time
let it last a while and end abruptly

and i’ll put it in an understandable way
the damage done by a speeding train
straight to the sternum hardly compares
to the months of agony that left me impaired

and i’d say permanently with the gift of hindsight
but until i’m dead, i can’t confirm it right

hang tight, recover, emerge
from the sh_ll of a man that you were, confirm
that you weren’t at fault for the urge
to disperse from the world of the words that you
heard and confirmed, now they’re spent like a splurge
left you in the lurch, nights as t tossed and turned
and cursed myself, you did what you could but maybe you erred
it’s absurd to think, but your mind’s on the brink
in the cruel time sink, all you’ll find is the worst
does your heart or the thirst for relief from the hurt burst first?

the time that you took as the world was blue
is the time that you took as you recovered and grew
and the friends that helped you through
are the same ones who left you abandoned and strewn
and spread across your bed
as thoughts ran through your head
words that were shared or left unsaid
and your soul was left for dead but not quite yet

like a game of chess, the best games require a sacrifice
and the greater the reward for the greater the price
and what’s worth more than a queen but the lowly p_wn
as the p_wn resp_wns at the edge of the board

is more than the horde who shared his sword
he’s a rook or a bishop or a horse
or another queen of course
and the p_wn’s reborn to avenge them all

i spent some time off course and adrift
solitude in agony, awful bliss
fate had a word and it all was fixed
that fateful night i shared a kiss

it was all i had missed, i was out of the pinch
9 months we spent until she tired of it
what did i learn over the course of that time?
don’t trust a soul when your heart’s on the line

so when i sum together over the course of the years
the number of days seems to appear
to be more than sum of the heart’s great cheer
the days i’d have spent sobbing if i had tears
a month at first then add four more
and two for the time that the first was poor
and four for the second of the first attempt
and yet another six for the second’s end

confined to the fleet so dive in the deep and die in the streets
as lines in streaks, rap fine on a beat and fire off heat
find time in the week, i’m tired of sheets of
rhymes that are bleak and the ire of the weak

their sign of defeat is a sigh and a screech
they hide like sheep, my spire’s the peak
don’t cry at the beast, nor fly at the freak
nor try with the meek and i’ll repeat
that i’m those three, none higher than me

i’ll incite the town as the night falls round
like a clown, i’m not tied down, and society
can fight the sound of a tightly wound
guy who’s bound by burnt down piety
and propriety insists that i’m your king

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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