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the beaver valley sweethearts - how's the world treatin' you lyrics


[verse 1]
i’ve had nothing but sorrow
since you said we were through
there’s no hope for tomorrow
how’s the world treating you?

[verse 2]
every sweet thing that mattered
has been broken in two
all my dreams have been shattered
how’s the world treating you?

[verse 3]
got no plans for next sunday
got no plans for today
every day is blue monday
every day you’re away

[verse 4]
though our pathways have parted
to your memory i’m true
guess i stay broken_hearted
how’s the world treating you?

[verse 5]
do you wonder about me
like i’m hoping you do?
are you lonesome without me?
havе you found someone new?

[verse 6]
arе you burning and yearning?
do you ever get blue?
do you think of returning?
how’s the world treating you?

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