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the associates – snowball كلمات اغاني


life is just a snowball
waiting for a windfall
fate’s a cruel virtuoso
and lady luck swings to vertigo

don’t you know that love is a many_splintered thing?
when your lover ceases to be entertaining
so you wise up to the rhythm and hold his heart for ransom
say, bye bye, handsome
it’s a cold, cold system
god bless broadway
applause is the worthiest cause

life inside a snowball
waiting for a curtain call
better not lean on that highball
when the box office falls
we’re all just clowns for hire
walking on that high wire
miming all desires
so sweetly inspired by yesterday’s fire

life is just a snowball
who can say you have it all?
just look through the glass so clearly
sounds and whispers, calling, “love you dearly!”
and all those chequered lives and fatal lies
disappear so sincerely
chalk it up, hey!

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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