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the 88 – i’m a man كلمات اغاني


i’m a man

it’s life like mine
it’s a dope-sick play
it’s a blue-faced find

gonna die today
it’s a plastic heaven
it’s the all white tan
i’m a man
it’s a black tooth mess

it’s the acne scar
it’s a sharp tool blessed
it’s that vcr
it’s a counterfeit vision

it’s a half–ss scam
i’m a man
break me down easy
show me your sign
take me back home

i know i’ll be fine
trace me your outline
tie me to bed
shake me to heaven

soon we’ll be dead
it’s a cold gray lie
it’s a brain dead itch
it’s the constant sigh

it’s supposed to stick
it’s the tantric tension
it’s a well-made plan
i’m a man

it’s a p-wnshop dream
it’s those bathroom blues
it’s a frightened scream
it’s the purcell shoes

it’s a phony decision
it’s a half–ssed scam
i’m a man