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the 88 – god is coming كلمات اغاني


god is coming

well god is coming
to break your heart and to show you up
yeah and i was just druggin
to let me know all about the ups
yeah and i’ll be believin
the itty second that he comes
and i’ll be a big boy
as soon as i can figure out
and i will be huggin
all tied around your mouth
try i gotta heart that’s blue
it’s a glad to meet you
sigh i got the hand write too
and i’ll be glad to see you off
everything i own i know it’s there
all the things i ever had to care
fallin at my feet like lead
fillin out the sheets instead
when i was a keeping
i knew just how i would pull it up
yeah and i was believin
all the things that i had made up
yeah and i was just growing
all big enough to walk
yeah but i was the big one
chasin all that i ever saw