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tha bandit [nz] - untitled 30 jun 2024, 8:55pm lyrics


it’s finally come to this moment, i can’t believe it
something i’ve been dreaming of, now i can see it
you tryna rap against me? just go ahead and beat it
like you do in yo bedroom while yo mama be sleeping
your life is always on the low end, you can’t come back
surely you can do something with that sh_t that you have?
you ain’t never found true love, it’s only cut you in half
you scare off them women, even in j_pan
surely there’s a better way of living life
but you just an imbecile who ain’t worth my time
i’m cooking you while rapping over my own bеat
stop tryna use that “type sh_t” on youtube, its wеak
your heart is darker than the lyrics you listen to in songs
in school you never write, you only read and write wrongs
get yo ugly ass outta here like a deadbeat motherf_cker who will never prove himself to his own godd_mn mother yuh

you ain’t never trust a b_tch who loves different music
so you think that music tastes are the only way to prove that you love them
but instead you offend them
breaking up with them instead of protecting em
how longs it been since you found the one?
how many have you found since? one? two? none
you ain’t trying hard enough i get it
but instead you offend me
tryna downgrade my existence like a level in tetris
i’m the only one that sees how evil you are
you gotta touch some grass before you touch someone
now stick to your sh_tty stories and your corny beats
this song is like revenge and revenge is sweet yeah
so now we come to the last minute of the song
this is the part where i become one and my own
the difference between you and me? it’s obvious
you’re ignorant of how sh_t you are, oblivious
you can’t love a woman for who they really are
you can’t love your family they just can’t raise the bar
you can’t love anyone who’s tryna help you
revenge is sweet on motherf_ckers like you

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