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terror jr – heartbreaks كلمات اغاني


i’ve been broken enough
i guess i haven’t been wishing and hoping enough
like a liquor store, i never stay open enough

you said you like it rough but you ain’t choking enough
(choking enough)

so, i’m not tough enough?
give me leather gloves and i’ll cut you up
o.j., baby, with the double cup
when our menses got us up past 3, on all fours like an atv
sungl-sses on, like f-ck what you see
you can have your medicine, i want my add
runnin’ out of lip gloss
so i gotta bleed if i wanna make my lips pop

pressure in my nose, it goes drip-drop
tick-tock, tellin’ time, no wrist-watch
you say you’re sick, but you just cough
runnin’ laps ’round these b-tches in my flip flops

(flip flops? flip flops!
oh my god, b-tch, you got new flip flops!)

sendin’ naked pictures on your iphone
but you only f-ck her with your eyes closed
cook it, no spatula
f-ck dracula; i’m drivin’ stakes through the bachelor

replaces roses with cosby double-doses
put omarosa on a rollercoaster without any lotion
nick cannon in a room with steve bannon
this wasn’t a crash landing
each other, we can’t abandon
this is deeper than some deep throat
we can’t breathe if we can’t…
lost at sea in the same boat
my heart breaks, but i don’t