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teejayx6 – uber كلمات اغاني


got so much drip in my closet, i don’t know what to wear (i can’t choose)
we ain’t gon speak on foreign kicks, i got every pair (literally)
when i’m in public all the hoes just stop and stare (oh my god!)
i danm near drop a fit every day, this sh_t ain’t even fair (they can’t keep up)
don’t think you bout to rob me, i wouldn’t even dare (play with somebody else)
investing in my b_tch, she keep saying she wanna sell some hair (she want bundles)
don’t run at me with yo problems, ion really care (man i ain’t trying to hear that)
don’t matter how hard life get, i won’t smoke a square (that sh_t dead)
if you ain’t got my sh_t in time, pay me in blood
gave my dog the green light, knew it was on when i shrugged (go ahead)
no money in yo pocket, but you always in the club (get the f_ck on)
that ain’t yo bag you selling out of, you getting fronted by the plug (lame ass n_gga)
uber finally banned my account after 50 trips (it’s bout time)
banned me from the app, i can’t even download that sh_t (for real)
if you ain’t at least got a band, need to shut yo lips (shut the f_ck up)
my n_gga wild as h_ll, he just called me and said he taking hits (he on it)
ain’t gotta take sh_t no mo, we just taking trips
no phones this time, had my plug double tape the bricks
don’t be scared if you a fan, we can take a pic (don’t be scared)
you play with me one time, then you guaranteed to make the list (its over)
the last thing a n_gga wanna do is make me p_ssed
n0body don’t pay attention to you, like you don’t exist (who the f_ck is you)
poured a pint, you can see the lean when i p_ss
label me a robber, all these motherf_cking banks i hit