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teddy mac - red button remix lyrics


bro like…. take 37
ya’ll i swear to god i’m finna just press this godd_mn b_tton in a minute…. like

i’ma start this off with a quick disclaimer
threatening to retaliate or spin isn’t in my nature
decisions of revenge for sins against me won’t make me greater. saying what you could do to n_ggas is kid behavior
sh_t won’t make me better in the end
it ain’t no get back, not going thru this again
destroying the controller wit the red b_tton like krillin did
plus he got the happy ending off the sh_t he did
things y’all did to me i still remembеr later
my mind is a hard drive of encryptеd data
not gon give a powerpoint presentation with different pages
i’m done tryna prove points to these n_ggas debating
but sittin here reminiscing on back in the days when
…let me see the looks on the faces when i say this
some of y’all favorite musicians, forever haters
some of y’all favorite people, forever snakish
sh_t be faker than the sh_t we see between will and jada
n_ggas was jealous and hoped and prayed that i would never make it. prayed on my downfall, like spirits that give to the natives
obtained clout and did nothing wit it in every occasion
stopped me but never got to a separate location
never forgot that n_ggas even questioned my dedication
that’s really crazy tho cause whole time…


i was really in the school giving education
i really coached them kids to shoot without hesitation
follow the ball through the rim, that’s the destination
to them being in a gym was like meditation
you questioned my reputation, i threaten no detonation
you just will never eat anywhere that i set the table
i suggest you go work on that inner hatred

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