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tame impala – mind mischief كلمات اغاني


feels like my life is ready to blow,
me and my love we’ll take it slow.
i hope she knows that i’ll love her long,
i just don’t know where the h-ll i belong.

how optimism led me astray,
two hundred things i took the wrong way.
but i saw her love gauge running low,
i tried to fill but it overflowed.

she remembers my name
could be blown way out…
it’s all going to change
she remembers my name.

but she was only messing around,
please, no more playing with my heart.
ooh, go with mr. right just for once!
oooh, no more mischief with my mind.

then it all just came out
guess i’ll hold it in next time…

no more getting it wrong,
i’ll be frozen here on.
if forever we’ll see,
but no more guessing for me.

oh, i was just so sure of everything
ooh, that’s what you get for dreaming aloud
oh, the day that words are clearer to me.

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