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starseed – survival of zeta reticuli كلمات اغاني


a high spiritual level of evolution
they abolished their emotions
removed all fear from their behaviour
no occurrence of mental signals
they dont`t know pain
they dont`t feel p-ssion
the quintessential power
to travel the universe
exploring the void
a race of great scientists
unbothered by
physical weakness
sterility, the price to pay
in the struggle for immortality
women of earth the host to breed,
an alien-human hybrid
those children are experiments
observed by astral creatures
inhabiting the metaworld
to form the future of zeta reticuli
they are different from their creators
unable to live in both worlds
for endless days they are suffering
but the experiment must not fail
violent -ssimilation
into a race of coldness
complete metamorphosis
extinction of their mind

lyrics and music by st-rs-ed