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sydney sprague – hello cruel world كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
i moved to coronado
off exit 17
now i pay two thousand dollars for a place where i can’t sleep
there’s no going back now
to chateau de vie
i had just as many problems when i left that place behind

[verse 2]
now i hear fireworks or gunshots in the alley
there’s a man outside my window on new year’s eve
i feel chemical fear
i hear gravel under feet
not much i can do about it
i’ll just lay here frozen still
and if anything bad happens just consider this my will
it’s all for you

now i hear fireworks or gunshots in the alley
home’s just where i happеn to be
fireworks or gunshots in the allеy
fireworks or gunshots
goodbye benjamin, h_llo cruel world
(fireworks or gunshots)
(fireworks or gunshots)

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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