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surixam – bounty كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: surixam]

step in the door like 1,2,3. man i’m k!lling these n-ggas like hiv
if you wanna battle me then you will lose, have your homies singing all about the blues
no time to choose, this rap is a miracle given by god now i’m about to make it lyrical
i speak with one face and count with the other, so i can remember all the lies you tell me brother
don’t try and deflate the words dished on your plate, it won’t work because the weight is just too great
try as you will but i’ve already won,son. i got you shaking there like i shot a stun gun
your bars are weak and your flow is pathetic, its like a poetic magneto against a prosthetic mosquito, you’re beat bro

[hook: surixam]

try as you will but you will not win
first line k!lled you and now this is the fin
might as well drown in a bottle of gin
because my rhymes go under your skin

[verse 2: surixam]

verse 2 is here now lets make this clear, i’m not gonna rap just to clean out your ear
so pay respect, and pay attention, because all of this sh-t has got you in detention
keep your mouth shut and keep your eyes open, don’t try to move because your body is frozen
frozen from shock when i shot you with my glock, got you in the leg as you began to beg
told you to be quiet or i’ll cap you in the head, c-cked back the hammer then i left you for dead
i didn’t even think you would make it out alive, guess i was wrong because now you look revived
this will be the last time that i see you bro, as i begin to creep up slow
you hear a blow from behind as i make you turn blind, now you’re gagged and bind as the bounty is signed
thought that you could leave, thought that you could run away, never would you know that i would just catch you today

[hook: surixam]