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stevie ann – changes (radio edit) كلمات اغاني


look at this mess around here
i ain’t exactly proud
i’m not exaggerating by crying out loud
but we could use some change
so fix your wrecks
grab your hat full of ideas
this world is not a game
so we’re not aloud to lose

so we should try to turn the tide
cause we ought to
it’s hard to face the fight
but we have to
for we can’t bloom without it
not even for a while

it’s getting complicated
and you were foolin’ yourself
just look into the eyes
of a man that’s walking down
that road again
well you know what’s at stake
so don’t deny


to make you understand
it’s not just us and them
ow yeah
we run into this light
and it’s cuts us like a knife
all the time

to fall apart
it’s twice as hard
to fall apart

2x chorus