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stanwill – davy jones كلمات اغاني


sh_ttyboyz, dog $hit militia, that’s on every song
huh, yeah
sh_ttyboyz, dog $hit militia, that’s on every song (i am the king)
sh_ttyboyz, dog $hit militia, that’s on every song
i’ll lay my ass on the floor if it’s pape’ on it (sh_ttyboyz, sh_ttyboyz, sh_tty— yeah)
huh, yeah (sh_ttyboyz)

i’ll lay my ass on the floor if it’s pape’ on it
if it’s up then it’s on the floor till you lay on it
he ain’t shut his mouth? .223 left his face open
flying dutchman, i’m with my demons in a wraith floating
in the deep with them cannons tucked, b_tch, i’m davy jones
sleazeball, probably stuffed a d_ck in yo baby dome
throwing bullets in the field, bro got his brady on
really rock my heart on my sleeve ’cause it’s made of chrome
all my b_tch want is fogo de, she a steak junkie
i ain’t had to savе in a minute, got my cape dusty
scrawny_ass white sticks on, boy, thеm ain’t buffies
back when i was born, think my first words was “make money”
i forgot my government, the fans calling me “the goat”
they say love blind so i let my d_ck see her throat
in the deep with all this drip on, how i keep afloat?
cowabunga drac’, 7.62s’ll sink a boat
feeling like that n_gga off of sprint, bet they hear me now
levi’s was empty, dog sh_t in the amiris now
f_ck around and bring a sack in saks, i’ma clear it out
cowboy with it, lotta horses when i steer around
pretty b_tch with some super head, she my [?]
me and bro bob and thor, we ride with a pair of hammers
at the strip eating lamb chops, i ain’t there for dancers
inhale any smoke with us? you gon’ swear it’s cancer
atl tripping, top floor, ritz_carlton
huh, yeah, huh, okay
atl tripping, top floor, ritz_carlton
how the f_ck you n_ggas breathe? all that d_ck gargling
spent a motherf_cking car on my b_tch cardigan
just ignore the chrome heart tee, i been heartless, b_tch
hitman from little haiti, have my [?] spark his sh_t
2021, i ain’t even gotta park the whip
turn water into wockiana like how jesus did
i ain’t gotta bring no dog sh_t, i get visa slid
i’m a smooth criminal with fraud, i ain’t seen a bid
sh_ttyboy gang member, of course i’m a piece of sh_t
i know [?] slimy, wipe his nose like he achoo
all these d_mn guns, why the f_ck would i box you?
all i know is run a check up, how a doc’ do
every day i’m waking up happy that i’m not you
had yo baby eat me in the morning like some oatmeal
i been thumbing lately, i don’t even know how broke feel
i be punching sh_t and jamming chips, ain’t did a dope deal
if i don’t see him camping on his block, i bet the scope will
i won’t even take a f_cking bite unless my troops eating
you can ask jake, everything i wear be new season
he was popping back in high school, see his juice leaking
bro a [?] hawking sh_t down like he knew steven
cracking jokes with the hoes, you like fitness, huh
you the 6ix9ine type, you a witness, huh
head fire like, d_mn, b_tch, you gifted, huh
only thing on my bucket list is get rich as f_ck
i can’t even walk up in my closet, i might drown in it
married to the motherf_cking money, say my vows with it
big_ass motherf_cking rocket, b_tch, i’m yao with it
lil’ bro be blowing like the ref, bet not foul in it
yeah, b_tch, yeah
lil bro’ be blowing like a, yeah
ha_ha, yeah, feel like davy jones (sh_ttyboyz, dog $hit militia, that’s on every song)
huh, b_tch, like davy jones
yeah (sh_ttyboyz, dog $hit militia, that’s on every song)
yeah, sh_ttyboyz

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