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squeeze – cradle to the grave كلمات اغاني


they say time is of the essence
they say time will always tell
i wasted time in constant panic
as the rome around me fell

and each moment that is stolen
gives another time to breathe
in a life of turning pages
with the bit between my t__th

from the cradle to the grave
i know i won’t be a slave
to the mistakes that i made
with the passion and the pace
and i won’t go ’til i’m ready
from the cradle to thе grave

they say time is a grеat healer
they say time will not stand still
when i look outside the window
i see a sky stuck to a hill

and the moon looks down behind me
like it’s seen it all before
for a thousand generations
that don’t live here any more

from the cradle to the grave

they say time will wait for no man
they say time is on my side
i could never make my mind up
as it all goes whizzing by

from the cradle to the grave