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spaceghostpurrp – down كلمات اغاني


n_gga, we ride all the way down motherf_ckin’
down fifth street, n_gga
on south beach, n_gga, lookin’ at these ho’s
sp_ceghostpurrp in this b_tch
and i’ma do it like this
all you ho’s suck my d_ck
k!ll that sh_t

[verse 1]
all i know, enemies
ho’s on my d_ck, and i see g’s
i never seen a f_ck n_gga
come ’round with me you gon’ get f_cked up
listen to my words, imagine what i say
’cause i don’t mainstream, from dade county, mia
we screw down here too n_gga, what you gon’ say?
shoutout to texas, shoutout to houston
shoutout to dallas, what you listen to?
what’s in yo ipod? yeah, that drake sh_t
n_gga, this real sh_t, n_gga, this trill sh_t
rest in peace to pimp c, n_gga, you ain’t know
already know, stunt on a ho
ridin’ slow, sippin’ the good
purple sh_t, my n_gga, reppin’ my hood
b_tch, the boulevard, n_gga actin’ hard
n_gga comin’ through, n_gga act a dog
all black hoodie on
comin’ through wit’ the f_ckin chrome
shoot that n_gga right there in his home
right through the window, b_tch let the wind blow
roll the window down, let ya hair down
babygirl, we goin’ to the hotel, you know it’s goin’ down
you know it’s goin’ down
open up your legs, babygirl, you know it’s goin’ down
really? really? really? yeah

[verse 2]
i don’t need no b_tches and ho’s
to feel good in my life, i get to the o’s
and when i say the o’s, that the numbers on my dollars
already know, these b_tches always_
they see a n_gga gettin’ money, they wanna get me
and all they wanna do [?] wit’ me
gold_diggin’ ho’s ain’t sh_t
they just want the money and a nut for the f_ckin’ d_ck
when i stick it up in her
when i stick it in her mouth ’cause i’m not a beginner
n_gga a freak, yeah, i’m no p_ssy
no h0m_, n_gga, i don’t f_ck wit’ them p_ssies
i don’t f_ck wit’ them f_ggots, i don’t f_ck wit’ p_ssy n_ggas
but i f_ck wit’ p_ssy, the pink sh_t, the cl_toris
eat it up, beat it up, girl, you diggin’ it
you lovin’ my swag, girl, you know it’s goin’ down

it’s goin’ down
rest in peace dj screw, yeah, it’s goin’ down
rest in peace hawk, you know it’s goin’ down
and f_ck them n_ggas that shot hawk
f_ck they’re momma too, n_gga, straight up
[verse 3]
yeah, n_gga, me? nah, n_gga, you
pointin’ right in ya eye, what ya gon’ do?
n_gga wanna play, n_gga act dumb
already know, my n_gga, don’t come
come around my city
b_tch, you soft as some titties
b_tches ass n_gga, hit you right in your mouth
tight pants wearin’ n_gga, look like p diddy
f_ck ass n_gga, n_gga try to cross me
caught his ass slippin’ ‘cross the street when i saw him
hit him in his jaw, broke that sh_t
n_gga talkin’ sh_t, man, i took his b_tch, purrp

sp_ceghostpurrp, n_gga
it’s goin’ down
it’s goin’ down
rest in peace my n_gga jitt, know what i’m sayin’?
ayy, straight up, n_gga
rest in peace my n_gga jitt, yo, like i said again, i’ma say it again
rest in peace my n_gga jitt, n_gga
one more time, n_gga, one more time so they can understand
rest in peace my n_gga jitt, n_gga
you know what i’m sayin’, rest in peace dj screw
you know what i’m sayin’, from texas to the mia_yo, n_gga
we holdin’ this sh_t down, n_gga, what it do, n_gga
you know what i’m sayin’, ayy
sp_ceghostpurrp, n_gga, shoutout to cali too, n_gga
shoutout new york, man
ayy, shoutout chicago, n_gga, what’s happenin’, n_gga
shoutout to new orleans, n_gga
atl, ayy, swag

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