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southview – in keeping composure كلمات اغاني


so let me start this off with –
“you don’t know sh-t”
your life was handed to you
oh, how privileged…

that’s not it
i’ve got so much more
i’m about to lay it out
like you’ve never seen before

i’m talking lowest lows
and thoughts that could make you sick
or how my words could twist into deeper consequence

this roller coaster
yeah it’s a b-mpy ride but –
you can depend on the ups and downs, every time

let it go and just keep composure
and never let it show how it wears on you
your demons can’t find their way in if you don’t want them to

i’ve had enough of your crooked games
your constant sobbing
and your disdainful ways

you can’t burn your bridge
because it was never built
mine fell to the ground though
and it rots while you wilt

i’m not defined by who you think i’ll be
i’ve cut all ties with those who only envy me
desperate to hold onto your broken scene –
you’ll look the other way when you know what it means

it’s like a dark cloud that never seems go away
omnipresent through your brightest days
encomp-ssing you in your darkest ways
the voices screaming inside when you’ve got nothing to say
the first thing on your mind and the last you’d wish to relate
and to put it in words is such an understate

i don’t think you get it, but f-ck it anyway
if you’re only looking for an exit i’m afraid it’s too late
i’ve had enough

are the things i say just too much for you?
is this a lack of tact or simply above you?

she said “people change”

or do they just grow?

and the bad parts of us, what about those?