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southview – fake كلمات اغاني


it’s like you don’t see what’s going on
but we can’t help you, if you think you’re never wrong
it’s over, so just let it go
you know i’m not the only one who knows

your time’s done, i give up
i’m not waiting for it
to go down, with you now
you always ruin it
so don’t act like you don’t know
when everybody’s been waiting on you

truth be told, your endless circles are getting old
you know i’m not the only one who knows
you can’t be contained, you can’t be controlled
half the things you say
they just dissipate right into thin air
it’s like you didn’t even care…
so why can’t you see?

i’ve straightened up, and made amends
i’ve seen friends go, and i’ve paid my debts
you know i see things different
but i come from where n-body ever seemed to give a f-ck
recklessness and neglect
a product of something you could never forget
until it plagues you night and day

until there’s nothing left of your heart

now that the tables turned
i’ve got you right where i want you
where you’re never sure
if you could ever live this down
you’ve got something to say
but you won’t make a sound

[john hughes of chagrin falls]
you shouldn’t have played me like some kind of criminal
but under your mask you’re far more cynical
you’ll never be half the man you said you’d be
dried out, washed up, you’re dead to me

you’re a fake and i want nothing to do with you