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sophil productions – hurts كلمات اغاني


i was selfish
i told myself so many stories just to push the narrative that i was helpless
but what am i to do
when the love of my life doesn’t even love me too?

drowning in regret for the things that i’ve said
all the pain that i’ve caused all the pain that i’ve spread
all the lies that i’ve spoken such a deceitful tone
all the hearts that i’ve broken trying to fix my own

god no sometimes i feel i don’t deserve you
sometimes i just wanna sit and observe you
sometimes i think about the greatest moments we’ve had in our life and want to ask to bring it back but never have the nerve to

because i’m scared to hear the answer if it’s no
coz in this lifetime i could never let you go
forever yours
my heart bleeds for you forever pours
that’s why it hurts so much to hear that you think this heart was never yours

sophie louise
every single day i wanna shoot my shot but so scared to see that trigger squeeze
coz if i do i’d be a massacrist
but don’t wanna hurt you more so i’m a pacifist

they say to let you go whatever feelings i’ve found
they say all that i feel well it just isn’t allowed
they told me delete your photos but can’t bring myself to do it coz you’re still an angel to me so i keep you in the cloud
in my eyes you can’t do no wrong despite all of the lows
valencia only hurt coz that’s where i planned to propose
and the drinking made it harder for us repeating your fathers flaws
so insensitive to dealing with your past traumas

hurting you as i did was my greatest regret
but loving you is a lifetime i’ll never forget
uh and i wish i never doubt you
never falling out of love just learning to live without you

slowly slowly

never falling out of love just learning to live without you

i love you

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