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sonic youth - unmade bed lyrics


look who’s come back home again
loser looking for his lucky break
this time he says he just needs a friend
ain’t on the run he ain’t on the take

can you unlock this door babe
will you just undo the chain
will you take yr time before you
mix up love, his love and pain

loneliness lays down his head
wants to get you high, better take it now
a man like that’s like an unmade bed
stained eyes searching for another way out

does it matter if you even want this
maybe you just don’t care
all i know it takes just one kiss, babe
for you – he’s never there

hey i know it’s kinda hard
and maybe this time it will never end
hit-and-run lover back in yr heart
answered prayers you should never have sent

cuz now that yr in his arms babe
you know yr just in his way
suckered by his fatal charm, oh girl
it’s time… we get away

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