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solo dreec – vibes 2 كلمات اغاني


(enrgy made this one)

[verse 1: scatz]
no chingy, see an opp out, he dyin’ right there
eight hundred for some fear of god shorts, they got a slight tear
k makin’ beats on his whip, you can hear a snare
swing the switch from left to right and hit everywhere

[verse 2: solo dreec]
out the window, bust a glock, i’m blinded by the air
hit a clerk for twenty thousand, only bought some underwear
made twenty thousand four hours away, i ain’t go nowhere
i’ma ring up 20k soon as the coast clear
[verse 3: babyfxce e]
on my n_gga, it can really get like that, so don’t go there
in utah gettin’ rude with the clerks, i feel like gobert
pull up to your club with a dub and book a show there
you been rappin’ that same sh_t for ten years, it got you nowhere

[verse 4: banks]
my chop rusty, i let it scream to make sure the throat clear
i be mad shootin’ out the whip, i’m used to standin’ over sh_t
you don’t wanna slide, you givin’ passes to supposed_to_k!lls
the fully explode when i shake, it’s a soda bl!ck

[verse 5: solo dreec]
if the n_gga let us follow him, then it’s over with
jump out gang, hop out our car and chase down his whip
this b_tch let me hit for 8k, i need another six
shot some n_ggas out the main rental, had to switch the whips
when you scammin’ in a hot state, you gotta hit and dip
caught an opp with my fully on me, so i switched his whip
clerk walked up lookin’ in my bag while i was switchin’ gif’
manager walked up lookin’ at the clerk while i was finna hit
17k, two trips, that’s a n_gga kit
took 15k out the stash to get a n_gga k!lled
this n_gga ridin’ slow past the drop, you tryna get us k!lled
he never did sh_t his whole life, that ain’t how he built
[verse 6: scatz]
on north sag’ with my fiend tryna catch a vibe
worker walked up, need a login, i only did a nine
unc’ll come and smoke your whole family, he only need a line
like i ain’t got no dubs on me, i let him hold five
like we ain’t got no gas, we pulled up and left his ass
reach in my cup and give him kd, but i ain’t bless his ass

[verse 7: banks]
this chopper leave a n_gga red, it’s filled with ketchup packets
air force 1s, i just walked a n_gga down with crackheads
he said he popped four n_ggas, his glock filled with cap sh_t
this draco’ll drop a beat for a rap n_gga