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sneaky maliqy ft lil nunes - freestyle verse lyrics


[intro: lil nunes & sneaky maliqy]
yo sneaky maliqy freestyle for me
what okay i guess

[verse: sneaky maliqy]
ayy we rollin’ down
we play no games gotta keep it real
feeling fresh
you know how it is
when it comes to this
we rolling
down the street
got no time for this
we don’t play around
we play no games
i ain’t with nothing
you better watch out
or it’s a issue
don’t wanna mess with me
i’m sneaky maliqy
i sneak up on people

[verse: lil nunes]
ayy look here it is
my mind going bad
i’m about to roll
of on somebody
i’m driving my porch
getting love by all
the ladies
the ladies love me
i love them
but i’m to hot
to be with ladies

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