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smokingskul – jenga كلمات اغاني


he’s real!
i_i love you

stacking up bricks, n_gga like jenga
you ride my wave like, topanga
you goin’ backwards like a manga
i’m off the ‘roids like arnold schwarzenegger
b_tch, i’m off the perc’s cause it help with the anger
and he think he in a movie, leave him with a cliffhanger
you on omegle, you not a gang banger
i’m not yo’ slatt, not yo’ ganger
blade on me, i’ma real drainer
beat up the pack, b_tch, i’ma main eventer
if you move funny, you can’t be my mans, aye
i camе to n_ggas with open arms, came to n_ggas with helping hands
strictly pеrcs, i don’t do xans
i’m the same n_gga before the clout, same n_gga before the fans
we hit the bank for five bands, aye
i don’t waste no time on no hoe, coulda made bread in that time span
i only f_ck with j_panese brands, what
i don’t f_ck with no saks 5, that mall sh_t could kick the can