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silvertide – dragonfly كلمات اغاني


pack your bags lets be on our way
shut your mouth
i don’t wanna her the words you have to say
four more days of driving everything’ll be alright
east coast to the west coast tryinn to find the host with the most so i can go on an all states sweeping moat spread your wings its time for us to fly
why do i feel so dry
like a dragonfly chorus
who tried to justify
a drive by on a b-tterfly
while i messed around the kingdom child
no one was unsatisfied
and that shed testify
can you identify the spot
or is it underneath you to understand
why there are not so many honest men
you call me inadequate
a derelict
but all you predict
is my eyes conflict
my skins been pr-cked
really im coward
a split personality
i succ-mb to pr-ck my self
every once and a while
is it such a crime
to be wrong all of the time
to be wrong not to be right
the world is such a fragile place
friend let me help you
wipe that mud off your face